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Teach English as a Second Language to overseas K-12 students (Ages 3 to 15, China). Tutors will be provided with opportunities to experience ALO7′s cutting edge tutoring platform and interactive content:

Easy to operate
Fun & Interactive
Combination of arts and technology
A reflection of MIT Media Lab Experiences

About Us

ALO7 is the largest digital ELT (English Language Teaching) product and solutions provider in China with more than 10 million registered users and more than 2,000 training school partners. We are revolutionizing the way English is taught and learned throughout China,from how schools are managed to how schools and homes are connected in the mobile internet age.

Our Culture

ALO7 means "Hello, world!" We aim to open windows for children so they can learn about the world including cultural diversity, creating global citizens and future leaders with the knowledge and the ability to bravely say "Hello!" to the world. Love for learning, exploring, cooperating, creating and contributing is ALO7's culture, it reflects our core spirit of self-realization, team work and contribution to society.

What We Do

ALO7 develops multidimensional learning products, including printed textbooks, learning platform for students, online home-school contact platform, foreign tutor-led tutorials via online classrooms (ALO7 Online Tutoring), and a variety of other educational products.

Teacher Testimonials

Teaching for Alo7 has been a great experience for me. I have always been passionate about teaching. I am a speech language therapist and I taught a lot of kids, teens, adults- language, speech, and articulation skills. When my older sister got sick, I had to stay at home to care for her. Alo7 made it possible for me to still work at home and make use of my talents and passion for teaching. For that, I am thankful for the opportunity. I love waking up teaching kids the gift of language.
In the few short weeks I've worked with ALO7, I have to say I really like it.The courseware and supplementary power points are great teaching materials. And the always available support gives me confidence that if I have any questions or technical difficulties,there will be someone to help me out. This allows me to focus solely on teaching.
I have been very impressed with the overall organization of ALO7. My interactions have been very professional and support has always been prompt. I really like being able to pick the times I am available. However it may be cliche but the students are the best part of my experiences. I have been very impressed with English skills they already have. Most seem to be excited for the lesson and when I can get them completely involved it is a lot of fun and the 25 minutes goes very quickly. Thank you for the opportunity.
I truly love being a teacher with ALO7. I am excited to see my students every day! It is exciting to be part of such an innovative education platform. I particularly love the enthusiasm and high energy that our students display during their lessons. The students are highly motivated to learn and very brave for meeting the challenge of learning another language.
I've really enjoyed working with the ALO7 program! The students are fun to work with, and as we've completed more and more classes, many of them have grown to work together well.It's been a great experience seeing the kids have fun learning the different lessons together.
I know that when I really need assistance, even during a class, the Alo7 support team will be there to assist me. The lessons are well-prepared with material that really grabs the student's attention, I especially appreciate how visually engaging each lesson is.Thank you for the opportunity.
I like working with ALO7. Working from home is incredibly convenient and working with students from an entirely different culture is an fun new adventure..
ALO7′s mission is to foster successful world citizens and future leaders.